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TANK & DISPENSER AUTOMATION SYSTEM      Automation systems that we developed, for overall operations of petrol and gas stations. Transfer the information that is received from tank area, like level, temperature, pressure, etc. to IPACK automation system in the station electric room, via cable or wirelessly. Prevent overfilling of tanks via “maximum level control” and/or protect engines, pumps, etc. by “minimum level control”.Keep logs of illegal operations such as illegal filling, use of unauthorized people, via its “employee recognition” feature and send this information to the head office and other authorized people.

• Tank level information can be sent to Head Office and authorized employees within any period via SMS and/or e-mail, as per customer requests.
• When a proper probe is used, tank pressure and temperature information can also be received. This information enables the volume of gas and liquid phases inside the tank.
• All parameters can be read and/or modified via SMS.
• Probe failures and/or interferences into the system can be detected by sending fixed level information to the Head Office.
• Rejects parameter changes that are sent by unauthorized GSM numbers.
• Communication can be carried out via GPRS, SMS and/or ADSL.

On the other hand, with the help of IPACK Dispenser Automation;

• Data that is obtained via devices connected to RS-485 ports which communicates with predetermined protocols is recorded in the database and sent to dispenser and/or IPACK Line-On panel.
• This software is also the program that approves dispenser sales; therefore it is continuously online so that dispenser sales cannot be interrupted.
• IPACK BackOffice enables, all devices that are controlled by IPACK Tank and Dispenser Automations, to be defined in the system and reporting of all information that are received from these devices.
• Moreover, promotion activities and reports, sales reports, P&L reports, CA reports can be tracked via IPACK BackOffice.
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